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Tech Tables and Downloads

Located here for your use, are tables, calculators, downloads and reference materials. These items are here to help make your buying process a little easier and to help support your item after you have purchased. If there is something you would like to see listed here, let us know by the contact link above. We will be adding more and more items as time goes on, so be sure to check back often as this becomes a better and better resource for your business needs.

    * Air Loss Cost Comparison
    * Decimal Equivalents Table
    * Interactive Unit Conversion Calculator (opens in a new window)
    * Pressure Drop / Flowrate Calculator (opens in a new window)
    * Pressure Units Conversion Table
    * Thermocouples & RTD Tables

    * Air Properties Temperature and Relative Humidity
    * Bath Fluids Information Sheets
    * Moisture Measurement Guidelines
    * Natural Gas Moisture Measuring
    * Measuring Moisture In SF6 Gas
    * The Evolution of Thermal Imaging Cameras
    * Dalton's Law of Partial Pressure

    * Help determining the gravity correction factor for your location.
    * MSDS Index Search
    * Dutch Linear Clock - This clock is automatically adjusted to your time zone. It gives you the EXACT TIME of the DAY
       in seconds, minutes, hours, the day, month and year for your location. Just read the green line.
       This is what each line means: 1st Line is Seconds, 2nd Line is Minutes, 3rd line is Hours, 4th Line is Days,
       5th Line is Months and 6th Line is Years. ©-Anne Jan Beeks


    *  FasTest Inc. - FasMate FX Series for Instant External Threaded Connections - Making 
       connections to a variety of instruments for calibration or maintenance can be a tedious part of a technician's
       job. However there are now ranges of quick connect tools that will make your life much easier. FasTest
       lever actuated connectors are an ideal method for fast, safe and repeatable connections to all types of
       transmitters. Click on the listing title to view the video.

    * Video Showing FasTest's HPB Connector for Compression Fittings,
      Video Showing FasTest's HPB Connector for External Threads - These videos show how the quick connect calibration
       connector will improve your calibration time, making it up to 5 x faster. This is a genuine plug and play modular
       connector that replaces the need to use sealant tape and wrenches to get a leak-proof seal. FasTest's HPB "High Pressure
       Ball" connectors are an ideal method for fast, safe and repeatable connections to NPT threads, Swagelok and Ferulok
       fittings or other similar brands. Click on the listing titles to view the videos.

    * Video Showing FasTest's 60G connector in action - FasTest's 60G connectors are an ideal method for fast, safe and
       repeatable connections to NPT and Flare threads, Swagelok fittings or other similar brands.

    * Demonstration of the Phymetrix Mini-Demister Liquid Gas Separator - Liquid knock out separates liquids from gases.
       Suitable for use for all portable gas measurements including moisture measurement at low dewpoints. Click on the listing
       title to view the video.
     * Condec MPV-10K Micro-Metering Precision Valve - Video clip featuring MPV-10K with fingertip adjusting to provide 
high-accuracy metering for gas and fluid applications.

     * Condec CylReg 3000 - Learn to read pressure input and output up to 3000 psi to ensure properly regulated pressure.

     * Condec Orion Controller Series - This crucial unit functions as part of a calibration package or as a control for output pressure

     * Condec Source 3000 Portable Pneumatic Pressure Source - View a brief video about this quick, accurate and portable 
        pressure source for calibrations.