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Prime Technologies ProCalV5 Professional (MS Access)

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Price: From $1,995.00 to $3,495.00
Mfr. Part Number: LE-1User

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ProCal software systems are robust applications available in scalable settings from a single user stand alone system to a multi-site enterprise wide solution. (Listed below are explanations of the options available)

ProCalV5 Professional is a comprehensive system designed to assist calibration and quality managers maintain compliance. It eliminates the need for calculators when creating records, during the calibration process or when approving final records. A library of routines for forced e-signature routings can be created and individually attached to any device or activity. Global changes, automatic archiving, paperless import/export of work assignments and much more are just some of the features within this robust system.

ProCalV5 products are highly configurable and can easily be tailored to meet your organizational objectives including:
* Paperless Real-time Solutions:
ProCalV5 delivers the management benefits, performance advantages and reporting efficiencies only available with a truly full functioning paperless solution. Our mature robust program will perform with a reliability experienced only with the very best software systems
* Hybrid Solutions:
Not ready to move to a paperless environment? With ProCalV5 you decide the extent of your continued use of hardcopy worksheets, forms and reports. When you select ProCalV5 as your Calibration Management Solution, you decide how to run your operations and configure the program to suit your practices, not the other way around.
* Stand Alone Solutions:
Not looking for a comprehensive management system throughout the entire facility? No problem! ProCalV5 can easily be used as a stand alone application and may be easily deployed in the future as ProCalV5 comes network ready.
* Single Site Solutions:
ProCalV5 users benefit from not having to invest in licenses for every unique user which can quickly add up. ProCalV5 operates by concurrent system access. That means you can make ProCalV5 available to as many users and define their roles and each user may have ProCalV5 running on their personal workstation.
* Multi-Site (Enterprise) Solutions:
With ProCalV5’s robust proven two-tier installation organizations receive a high degree of customization, work saving options and tools for real time paperless field calibrations. ProCalV5’s unmatched functionality Enterprise solution offers all the benefits of a single site system while retaining the ability to customize the application for local requirements and end uses alike. Through the use of Citrix or MS Terminal Server Thin-client environments, ProCalV5 may also be deployed. This can help save on implementation and validation costs, while user distribution is simplified without compromising performance or reliability.

ProCalV5 software solutions provide countless benefits regardless of your system size.
Some of these may include:
    * Reduced opportunities for errors or omissions
    * Easy on-demand review of any aspect of program activities
          o Engineering & management review of performance metrics are greatly simplified
          o Centralized Reporting & Communication
    * Electronic communication of changes and change requests to asset records & specifications
          o Also preventing unauthorized or unwanted changes from occurring
    * Increased confidence in all aspects of the management program, including;
          o Compliance
          o Quality
          o Resource Utilization
    * Time to complete calibrations may be reduced by over 50%
          o Improving resource efficiency & productivity
          o Saving time & money
          o Increasing calibration accuracy
          o Paperless compliant real-time calibrations & reporting
    * Corrective and preventive activities are controlled and documented
    * Quality products result from quality practices
    * Fully Validated, 21 CFR Part 11 compliant solutions
    * ProCalV5 systems are open to 3rd party integration with other applications
          o CMMS
          o ERP
          o LIMS
          o and more!
    * Citrix / Terminal server operation enables web access with full functionality & security

ProCalV5 Available Options For Purchase:
Mobile Workstation - The ProCalV5 Mobile Workstation Utility allows real time paperless calibrations. With this utility you can import and export information between your production database and your notebook PC. The selection of items to be calibrated is simple and convenient.  All of the powerful features of ProCalV5 are accessible with this mobile solution. Calibration and maintenance results entered in the field are easily uploaded to your production database.
Field Calibrator Utility - The Field Calibrator utility allows you to download calibration tasks to supported field calibrator devices, and upload the results as ProCalV5 calibration records. Various methods for choosing items to download including Advanced Queries, list of calibrations due, Open Work Order Tasks and Requests, and by Configuration, allow you to easily find what items you need. This allows you to perform many types of calibrations without printing a single form with paper or manual entry calibration As Found and As Left into ProCalV5. The utility supports many calibrators, including Fluke, Druck, Meriam, Transmation and Beta.
PM/WO Module - ProCalV5 offers an optional PM Work Order Module, allowing you to not only manage routine calibrations but other maintenance requirements as well. Planned Maintenance may be used to establish alternate calibration schedules and specifications as well as schedules for other types of maintenance. All types of work, calibrations, planned and unplanned may be assigned to work orders for scheduling.
Training Management Module - The ProCalV5 Training Module allows users to log and track their employees' training, as well as various courses and classes. Since the Training Module works off of the same database as your core ProCalV5 software, all user group and employee records already established in your production database are easily accessible directly from this module.
Test Type Packages - (Call for Pricing) ProCalV5 allows for the addition of custom test types to items whose required calibration does not fit the simple calibration model. For example, Test Type Packages are useful in lab environments for HPLC and Spectrophotometer calibrations.
System Requirements
To use the ProCal V5 Microsoft® Access version, the following hardware and software is recommended:
 • A Pentium class 667 MHz or higher computer with a minimum of
   256 MB of RAM (512 MB or more recommended)
• Windows 2000 or later operating system versions
• A hard disk with at least 500 MB of free space

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