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PhyMetrix - MD - Mini-Demister

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Price: $575.00
Item Number: MD
Manufacturer: PHYMETRIX
Mfr. Part Number: MD
Unique State-of-the-art Features
 - Ideal for SF6 or Nat Gas moisture measurement
 - Enhances speed of response
 - Increases Accuracy, Reliability & Sensor Life
 - 360° viewing of sample
 - Sized perfectly for all Portable Analyzers
 - Ease of Service & Maintenance
 - Liquid knock-out, separates liquids from gases
 - Liquids visible before compromising analyzer
 - Convenient rotatable drain valve and tube
 - Works with any portable gas analyzer
 - Seal integrity for even the most demanding
   measurement of trace moisture
 - Stainless steel construction with Viton seals
 - High Pressure Glass tube (425 psi rating)
 - Protective plastic shield
 - Optional internal flow control orifice
 - Variety of available fittings
    Swagelok, SAE, NPT
 - Superior to coalescing filters:
   no absorbent materials - no future out-gassing

Video Showing Use of PhyMetrix Mini-Demister

    * Demonstration of the Phymetrix Mini-Demister Liquid Gas Separator - Liquid knock out separates liquids from gases.
       Suitable for use for all portable gas measurements including moisture measurement at low dewpoints. Click on the listing
       title to view the video.

View the Data/Spec Sheet. View Phymetrix FAQs and Answers

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