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PhyMetrix DewPatrol - Compressed Air Moisture Analyzer

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Price: $2,150.00
Item Number: PDPa
Manufacturer: PHYMETRIX
Mfr. Part Number: PDPa


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DewPatrol: PhyMetrix Compressed Air Moisture Analyzer
Cost Effective compressed air / instrument air moisture measurement!

Use as a battery-powered portable, or permanently installed On-Line at a very low cost

Unique features:

Direct on-the-pipe mounting
● Swiveling quick connect
● Rechargeable battery with weatherproof connector
Optional pressure sensor with automatic dewpoint correction
● Integral demister with 360° view of contaminants and drain valve
Integral flow control valve


●  -110°C to +20°C dewpoint Sensor
● Fast, Accurate and Repeatable
● Built-in temperature compensation
● State-of-the-art electronics & software
● Advanced User-friendly Interface
● Small & Lightweight
● Graphical display
● Programmable data logging
● Battery backed clock calendar
● 1/4” NPT port on a swivel to adapt to any quick connect
● On-screen histogram and trend graph
● Built-in flow meter
● Impact resistant IP65 enclosure
● NIST calibrations
Units of measure °C & °F dewpoint, ppmV, ppmW,  µB H2O vapor pressure, grams of H2O / m3, Lbs H2O /106 standard cubic ft
● Virtual Analyzer PC training & demo software


• Petrochemical
• Industrial Gases
• Natural Gas
• Power Generation
• Furnace Gas / Heat Treating
• Air Dryers
• Pharmaceutical
• Aerospace
• Medical

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