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TruFlo Lotorq LT Series

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Price: From $5.00 to $85.00
Manufacturer: TRUFLO

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  • Industry's Only Full Port Double O-Ring Design for 1/2- 12″ Sch 40 and Sch 80 PVC, CPVC Piping Systems
  • Reduces Pressure Drop
  • Less Turbulence = Longer Lasting
  • Low Flange Bolt Torques Required for Positive Seal – Due to the Molded Raised Face – Patented double convex Ring Design
  • Ideal for Thermoplastic Piping Systems, also Metal or Plastic Lined Metal Pipe Systems for up to 250 psi
  • Excellent Chemical Resistance – PTFE-bonded gaskets are Suitable for Extremely Aggressive Chemical Services.
  • Longer Gasket Life – Because Lower Flange Pressures are Required for Sealing. PTFE is Energized by EPDM Backing Forming an Excellent Seal.
  • Low Torque – Raised O-Ring Design
  • Designed to Provide Positive Seal
  • No Over-Tightening Required
  • Reusable

Lotorq LT BIG MOUTH Series Low Torque Gaskets are Recommended for All Types of Non-Metal Piping Systems to Prevent Initial Flange Breakage due to Bolt Over-Tightening. The unique Double Convex Raised O Ring Design provides Excellent Sealing with 75% Less Bolt Torque Required for flat face gaskets. The PTFE gaskets have PTFE sheet material bonded directly to EPDM.

Lotorq Series Datasheet