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Dickson TSB Touchscreen

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Price: $424.00
Item Number: TSB
Mfr. Part Number: TSB


Sensor 1 (The touchscreen loggers support up to two sensors but do require one to collect data)
Sensor 2 (Optional)
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Touchscreen - USB

When we began designing our new line of Touchscreen data loggers, we started with some simple, yet lofty goals. We wanted to create a device that was feature heavy, easy to use, and allowed users to access their data history anywhere.

By pushing the limits of connectivity, user-interface, and functionality, we did just that.

Touchscreen Features:

  • Capacitive Touch LCD Screen
  • Interchangeable Replaceable Sensors
  • User-selectable Sample Rate
  • Customizable Alarms
  • USB Flash Drive for Data Download

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