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PhyMetrix - ExMa with Self-calibrating sample system

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Price: $14,500.00
Item Number: ExMa-SCSS
Manufacturer: PHYMETRIX
Mfr. Part Number: ExMa-SCSS
This is a Class One, Div. One, explosion proof sample system with a self-calibration cycle that is user programmable. It is shipped to you in a rugged, all stainless steel enclosure, with built-in knock out pots for condensate, built-in UL rated explosion proof solenoid to switch between measurement gas and calibration gas, fully integrated sensor and readout, 4-20mA output, internal data-logging feature and “touch glass” programming that allows a technician to change program parameters without the need to unscrew the all stainless steel enclosure inside which houses the transmitter/readout.

All the features of the standard ExMa apply to the sensor/transmitter/readout assembly, and the datasheet for that appears as a link below. A complete diagram of the internal layout also appears as a link below.

It is truly a “Plug and Play” instrument. Just mount the instrument, connect your incoming measurement gas stream, connect your calibration gas bottle, program the instrument to display dew point in any one of a multitude of engineering units, choose your calibration time cycle, hook up your analog output signal wire, connect your power cable and close the box up. You are now ready to experience world class moisture measurement with very little maintenance.

Please call us for a custom proposal such as multiple input and output layouts by calling (800) 346-4620. Or email us using our convenient online form located here.

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