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EDL Thermocouple Mini-Grabber

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Price: From $85.00 to $397.00
Manufacturer: EDL

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Thermocouple Types:
Lead Type:
Lead Length:
Thermocouple compensated Mini-Grabbers provide a continuous
thermocouple connection from bare wires to the measuring instrument
without attaching plugs. These connectors will save time and improve
the accuracy of your measurement. Stop making thermocouple measure-
ments with copper connections.

• Thermocouple material from the tip to the Mini-plug

• Available with convenient coil cords

• Available in all ASTM base metal thermocouple types

• Allows fast simple connections to bare thermocouple wires

• Ideal for connecting thermocouple wires inside process connection heads

• Recommended for use with EDL’s High Precision
Thermocouple Reference Instrument — LT-100

• Eliminates multiple cold end junctions

• Also available in copper/copper

Ordering Information
In order to determine your part number refer to the chart below. The letters
and numbers highlighted in red create the part number. Read from left to
right in the column rows to create the part number (ex. MG-JC1M).




Lead Type

Lead Length


MG- Mini-Grabber


      C = Coil Cord
      T = TFE/TFE

1 = 1'
= 32"

        M  = Mini-plug
       J  = Mini-Jack
       L  = Standard Plug
       = Unterminated


*Maximum temperature for T is 400° C.
** N is available only in 1' lead length.

CU = Uncompensated Cu/Cu, Copper/Copper
SET = Complete Set of base metal Mini-Grabber Alligator Clips. Set includes thermocouple types K, J, T, & E.

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