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EDL's DBB Dual Black Body Infrared Calibrator

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Price: From $6,999.00 to $8,262.00
Manufacturer: EDL
Mfr. Part Number: DBB

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Easily Calibrate Your Infrared Pyrometer!

EDL's Dual Black Body calibrators make infrared (IR) calibration faster and easier than ever before! You don't have to be an engineer to operate these units – EDL's calibrators are simple to set and control.

The Dual Zone Black Body Calibrators (DBB) were designed for calibrating infrared pyrometers with multiple temperature ranges. We offer two versions - the DBB-350 with a low range of: -20° to 135° C, and high range: Ambient to 350° C; and the DBB-650 with a low range of: -20° to 135° C, and high range: Ambient to 650° C. The low temperature Black Body is powered by convenient and efficient Thermo Electric modules and our unique design gives you high reliability coupled with high accuracy.

These calibrators ensure accurate calibrations of almost every infrared pyrometer available. With a large target area of (>2.5 in2), and a high accuracy temperature controller – EDL's IR calibrators offer better accuracy and stability over other IR calibrators available on the market. The emissivity of the isothermal target is machined and coated to give a high emissivity of 0.986ε, and the target temperature can be controlled in set-point increments of 0.1°. Fast heating and cooling times make these calibrators very efficient in the lab. EDL's line of DBB calibrators are easy to use and operate. With no trouble, they can be checked in the field, thanks to the RTD sensor that is easily removed from the Black Body for independent calibration.

These handy infrared calibrators are a breeze to use. Merely set the desired Black Body temperature from the convenient front panel control buttons, wait a few minutes to ensure stability, aim the gun at the target and shoot. The radiated energy from the Black Body is measured by your IR thermometer. Merely compare its reading to the display on the DBB and record the difference.

Data is easily collected and downloaded to the computer through the RS-232 computer interface which allows computer control of the set points. A reference sensor is included. Economical, easy to use, and compact – EDL's Black Bodies are the number one choice for IR Calibrators. When trust in measurement matters, count on EDL.

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