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Ametek Crystal N-Vision Base Unit + Module Options

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Price: From $197.00 to $2,138.00
Manufacturer: AMETEK/CRYSTAL
Mfr. Part Number: NV-4AA

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FastCal XP Software
Crystal N-Vision Base Unit ~ New Intrinsically Safe Reference Pressure Recorder!

(Base Unit Supports TWO modules.  Price includes: Base unit, Soft carrying case, batteries, CD and manual, USB A to mini-USB-B and protective boot.  No certification)
It's not just a new pressure calibrator or a new pressure recorder.  It's a field calibrator that can display recorded data graphically on a high resolution screen.  No need to stop a test to analyze data on a PC.  Stored data, or data being recorded can be displayed graphically, with the ability to zoom into specific events, or zoom out to get a big picture of your test.  There's never been anything like this!
  • Typically 0.025% of reading accuracy ~ see data sheet for complete accuracy specifications
  • Field-serviceable modules: pressure, temperature, current and voltage
  • Temperature compensation from -20C to 50C
  • ATEX/IECEx intrinsically safe
  • Log and display 500,000 points at up to 10 readings/sec on up to two modules simultaneously
  • IP67 (1 meter immersion for 30 minutes)
  • Uses Crystal's new CPF fittings and hose system (leak-free and finger tight to 10K PSI)
  • Interactive real-time graphing of measurements
Accuracy: 30% to 100% of Full Scale: +-(0.025% or Reading), +-(0.05% of Reading), or  +-(0.1% of Reading); 0 to 30% of Full Scale: +-(0.0075% of Full Scale), +- (0.015% of Full Scale), or +-(0.03% of Full Scale)
Temperature: Operating & Compensated: -20C to 50C (-4F to 122F); Storage:-40C to 75C (-40F to 167F) No change in accuracy over operating range.
Humidity: < 95% RH, non-condensing
Backlit Display: Description: 255 x 160 pixel graphical display with integrated backlight.  Display rate: selectable up to 10 readings per second
Power: AA Battery Module: Four size AA batteries; user serviceable, non-chargeable. Battery life: 200 hours typical Note: Chassis can be powered remotely by the mini-USB connector on the side of the product. Warning: Do not use USB interface in a hazardous atmosphere
Enclosure: impact resistant injection molded housing compatible with common industrial fluids, including Skydrol
Intrinsic Safety: Rating subject to battery type used
ATEX II 1 G Ex ia IIB T4, SIRA 09ATEX2008X
IECEx II 1 G Ex ia IIB T4, IECEx SIR09.0053X
Connections: Crystal CPF System: Medium Pressure Female (1/4" medium pressure tube system with 7/16-20 threads).  Fitting interfaces with the Crystal Pressure Fittings System; finger tight to 10,000 PSI from -20C to 50C with a 4:1 safety factor.  System can interface wrench-tight with non-CPF medium pressure fitting, adapter, and piping system: HIP LM4 & LF4 Series, Autoclave M4M4, SF250CS & SF250CX Series.
Crystal Control Free Software Download
CrystalControl is a software program used to customize, update, and calibrate the nVision Reference Recorder and the HPC40 Series Pressure Calibrator. In addition to providing an easy way to customize your nVision Reference Recorder or Lab Reference, it also provides a way to store and archive your recorded data runs. 

CrystalControl software has many useful features, including:

• Export your data to Microsoft Excel or pdf files for reporting and graphing
• Update to the latest nVision or HPC40 Series firmware
• Enable / disable pressure units
• Control and configure recordings
• Password protect the recorder to prevent unauthorized changes 
• Define a custom message or startup screen
• Disable or reorder your display screens
• Adjust automatic and backlight shutoff settings
• Calibrate the modules and enter new Calibrated On and Calibration Due dates

Compatible with Vista (SP 2), Windows 7 (SP 1), Windows 8.1 and Windows 10.