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Ametek Crystal CPF Cap

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Price: $108.00
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Item Number: MPF-CAP
Manufacturer: AMETEK/CRYSTAL
Mfr. Part Number: MPF-CAP

*Definition: CPF= Crystal Pressure Fitting. Always 7/16ths-20 SAE

*Definition: MPF=Medium Pressure fitting, Female

*Definition: MPM=Medium Pressure fitting, Male

*Definition: QCN=Quick connect nut, compatible w/ Ralston fittings

*Definition: TRM= Transmitter adapter to bleed screws in transmitter

*Definition: AN = AN Aircraft type fitting.

*Definition: TBM=Female 7/16-20 SAE by compression tube fitting

Crystal CPF Cap ~ 10,000 psi
Your fingers are the only tools required when connecting CPF fittings together.  And unlike other proprietary fitting systems, CPF can be used with standard, off-the-shelf medium pressure fittings from Autoclave, HIP and others without the need for special conversion fittings.
  • Finger tight to 10K PSI/ 700 bar/70MPa
  • Complete 316 stainless steel fitting system
  • Interchangeable with HIP and Autoclave Engineers 1/4" medium pressure fittings (wrenches are required)
  • Laser marked for clear fitting identification
  • Safety weep hole alerts of any leaks and indicates a pressurized line
  • Cannot be mistaken for NPT
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  • Fittings and hoses have a factor of safety of 4:1
  • Suitable for hydraulic and pneumatic applications
  • Flexible hose construction
  • Engineered and designed in the USA
  • Ideal for capping hoses and MPM (male CPF) fittings
  • All CPF fittings are 7/16-20 SAE on one end, Metric, NPT or compression on the other.