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Calibration Services

PMI - Precision Measurements Inc. - Visit Site

To meet the highest standards of Quality Control, Shelby Jones Company, has enlisted the services of Instrumentation Technical Services Inc. and their wholly owned subsidiary Precision Measurements Inc. They have developed services to meet the most demanding of customer needs. These services are custom tailored to meet the ever changing compliance regulations for your business. Our company has over fifty years experience assisting our customers with calibrations and repairs. Although we perform no services ourselves, we have allied ourselves with well-qualified and fully accredited laboratories in the Mid-Atlantic region, including Precision Measurements Inc. We can arrange pick-up and drop off of all sorts of instrumentation whether they are your own calibration and measurement standards, or process instruments including flow instruments. Additionally, though the auspices of PMI we can offer you on-site calibration services. All of our technical offerings are designed to ensure compliance and save our clients money.

PMI Capabilities include:
    * 17025 calibrations in our certified Metrology lab
    * Highly skilled and trained technicians
    * A large inventory of N.I.S.T. traceable Test Standards
    * Vehicles, tools, and equipment to facilitate most job needs
    * Well established written test procedures and documentation
    * An Extremely mobile technical staff (available for domestic/foreign projects)
    * Computerized documentation and tracking systems
    * A diverse repair facility with capabilities beyond many competitors

To view a partial list of instruments for which we presently offer NIST traceable and ISO 17025 accredited calibration service through our service partners, click on the link below.

ISO 17025 - Certificate of Accreditation

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MTS - McMurray Technical Services - Visit Site

McMurray Technical Services (MTS) is a technical firm providing Calibration Services, Quality Consulting, Technical Staffing and Validation Services.

The Company's principal focus is providing assistance and value to heavy regulated industries such as pharmaceutical, biotechnology, medical device, cosmetics, nutraceutical, gas/oil, steel, metal and food and beverage. 

About MTS's Calibration Services

Instrument and Controls Calibration
Our Test & Measurement Equipment (T&ME) customers have demanding and exacting regulatory requirements for accuracy, safety, and completeness of work. MTS provides a depth of expertise from our many technical specialists, technicians, and engineers. With Technician's and Engineering have a total of over two (200) hundred years of experience with project and program know-how.

MTS has provided process and laboratory calibration to M&TE customers across the country and around the world. MTS can calibrate everything from the simple micrometer set to your most complex production and manufacturing process. We work closely with equipment manufacturers to provide factory-accredited calibrations. 

Asset Management
MTS provides proven commercial, cost of operation and time-management benefits. From equipment acquisitions through inventory tracking, our assistance with scheduling and documenting your calibrated equipment will allow you to supervise your assets while developing and manufacturing your product. 

MTS can assign asset tags to your T&ME for calibration notifications, inventory control, recall and equipment scheduling. Keeping track of T&ME status, certification, and calibration scheduling, relieving you to focus on production and goals.

Automation and Programming
MTS can provide assistance in programming, design, and implantation of your automated systems and production monitoring and control equipment. From Building Management, SCADA to simple PLC's, MTS has the knowledge and experience to service your production needs.

Serving: Western Pennsylvania, West Virginia, and Ohio

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Prime Technologies ProCalLE - Limited Edition
Price: From $1,000.00 to $3,000.00
Prime Technologies ProCalLE - Limited Edition
The flexibility ProCal offers enables this versatile product to be used in any industry for any company looking to better manage assets for calibration, maintenance, validation and much more!
Prime Technologies ProCalLE for DPC - Limited Edition
Price: From $1,595.00 to $2,595.00
Prime Technologies ProCalLE for DPC - Limited Edition
Available for Most popular Documenting Field Process Calibrators.The flexibility ProCal offers enables this versatile product to be used in any industry for any company looking to better manage assets for calibration, maintenance, validation and more.
Prime Technologies ProCalV5 Professional (MS Access)
Price: From $1,995.00 to $3,495.00
Prime Technologies ProCalV5 Professional (MS Access)
ProCalV5 Professional is a comprehensive system designed to assist calibration and quality managers maintain compliance. It eliminates the need for calculators when creating records, during the calibration process or when approving final records.
Dickson Logger Calibration Software
Price: $249.00
Dickson Logger Calibration Software
Mfr #SW400
Fluke - 750 SW DPC/TRACK2 Software
Price: $4,882.99
Fluke - 750 SW DPC/TRACK2 Software
The 753, 754 and 743,744 work with the Fluke DPC/TRACK2™ software, and with popular programs from Honeywell Meridium, Emerson, Cornerstone, Yokogawa, Prime Technologies, Intergraph and others.