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Additel 760-LLP Automatic Handheld Pressure Calibrator

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Price: From $10,501.00 to $13,069.00
Manufacturer: ADDITEL

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Optional Internal Pressure Modules for LLP
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Additel 760 Automatic Handheld Pressure Calibrator


  • Fully automatic calibrator with built-in pump and controller
  • Switchable internal pressure modules for expandable ranges
  • Accuracy (1 year) of 0.02%FS
  • External pressure modules available (measure only)
  • Less than 4 lbs (1.8 kg) for handheld operation
  • Source pressure, measure pressure and electrical
  • 4 channels
  • Optional HART communications
  • Optional data logging and task documenting
  • USB, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth communications


A portable automated pressure calibrator in the palm of your hand—this could be

our most exciting product yet! The Additel 760 series Automatic Handheld Pressure

Calibrator takes portable pressure calibration to new levels. Weighing less than 4 lbs

(1.8 kg), the ADT760’s innovative design contains a built-in pump, precision pressure

sensor, internal controller and a large touch-screen color display. To generate

pressure, simply key in the desired pressure and the Additel 760 will do the rest.

Each unit has four channels: one internal pressure channel for source and measure

pressures, two external pressure measurement channels, and one electronic measure

and source channel. This series of calibrator has three standard models with the option

of adding HART communications, documentation and data logging.



The 760-LLP is designed for low pressure calibration and comes with a built-in pressure module to ±30 inH2O (±75 mbar)

and provides an accuracy to 0.05%FS. If you need to go lower in pressure, you can purchase additional internal pressure

modules (ADT155 series), which for the 760-LLP provide a variety of ranges down to ±0.25 inH2O (±0.62 mbar). The

accuracy of 0.05%FS and control stability 0.005%FS is based on the internal module’s span. Measurements can be

made in gauge or differential mode.

 Documenting Process Functionality


Each model of the Additel 760 series has an option incorporating documentation and

communication functions turning your 760 into a multifunction documenting process calibrator.

This feature provides HART communication, task documentation and data logging


 Additel 160A 

Intelligent Digital Pressure modules

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With advanced microprocessor technology and state-of-the-art silicon pressure sensors, the Additel 160 series Intelligent Digital Pressure Module (IDPM)

 provides an accurate, reliable, and economic solution for wide range of pressure applications. It is loaded with functionality and remarkably easy to use. In

 order to reach the best performance, every silicon pressure sensor in the module has been specially aged, tested and screened before assembly. Designed 

external pressure module for Additel 760 automatic handheld pressure calibrator, Additel 761 automated pressure calibrator and Additel 222A, Additel 223A 

 and Additel 761 calibrators, the Additel 160 IDPM is unmatched in performance and reliability.

Additel 760 Datasheet

Additel 760 User Manual

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