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About the Shelby Jones Company

Founded in 1950, as a distributor of valves and fittings, the Shelby Jones Company (parent company of has continued its founder's dedication to newer and better products for industry. We specialize today in selling the most cost-effective instruments we can find for applications that are often the most sensitive and challenging in the fields of measurement, control, recording, and calibration.

The founder, Shelby Llewellyn Jones, established the company's initial momentum by introducing Swagelok™ fittings, Hoke™ valves, and Keystone™ wafer style butterfly valves among other products to a significant portion of the chemical, food, steel, military, and utility markets in the mid-Atlantic region. (In those early days, Hoke made no fittings and Swagelok made no valves.)

By 1981, when Mr. Jones was 77, he was ready to entertain my proposal to buy him out over the next few years. (I was then his sales manager).My wife and business partner, Christina, and I completed the purchase shortly after Mr. Jones death in 1984. Fittingly, that settlement, was on St. David's day, March 1st, as special to a proud and colorful Welshman like Mr. Jones as St. Patrick's day is to the Irish.

In the ensuing years, as Christina and I saw that we had more to offer users of test equipment and specialty instrumentation, than to valve and fitting users, we sought lines that would be as innovative in advancing these markets as Swagelok had been in the fittings field.

Our early alliances included the McDaniel and Perma-Cal lines of pressure gauges. These two unique lines have saved our customers tens of thousands of dollars in replacement gauges and labor costs since we introduced them to the mid-Atlantic area. Our Phymetrix series of dewpoint analzers, our Delta Instruments Fuji brand combustion analyzers, Beko condensate drain valves, and Hart Scientific baths and drywells are among the lines that we are now equally proud to display in this, our re-launched online catalog.

We are redoing this on-line catalog with full pricing and configuration capabilities, to extend our findings and the time proven caliber of our customer service to a much broader range of customers than we've served to date. We're also making it MUCH easier for both our regular customers and prospective new customers to pick out what they want and to avail themselves of our credit card acceptance, free NO Obligation, NO charge demonstration/evaluation loaners, and other efforts to earn your business.

To our regular customers we offer this On-Line catalog with thanks from the bottom of our hearts. To those of you to whom this On-Line catalog is our introduction, we would welcome the opportunity to learn more of your needs and to fill them to your satisfaction. Call, fax, or email us and tell us how we can help you!


About Our Logo

Please don't call it a devil! It's not! It is Y Draig Goch (The Red Dragon of Wales). When I first joined the company, I saw a need for a corporate logo as a unifying symbol for our marketing efforts. I approached Mr. Jones on the subject and was promptly rebuffed. "I don't want you to do anything screwy with my name! I hate when people take a perfectly good company name and ruin it. We'll end up with something nutty like SHELJOCO or some other abomination! No!"

I mused about different types of possible logo for an industrial instrument company (Ovals wrapped around the name, gauge faces, the usual suspects... ) when the answer jumped off the page at me! Mr. Jones was a steward in the Welsh Society whose logo is the rampant red dragon which you see on our literature. I cut out one of their dragons and pasted it on typing paper which had our letterhead. Voila! Instant logo! (And one which I was sure that he was predisposed to approve of!) Over the years it has served as a symbol of quality and integrity in the instrumentation business. Look to the dragon for legendary service!


About the Welsh Society (Cymdeithas Gymreig)

If you are of Welsh ancestry or are interested in learning more about the culture of Wales, Welsh contributions to American history, or the Welsh language, we can steer you to the appropriate parties in the Welsh Society of Philadelphia (opens in new window). It is the oldest Welsh society in the country. It was founded March lst, 1729 (Sefydlwyd 1 Mawrth, 1729) and is still active.


Diolch Yn Fawr lawn!(Very great thanks!)

Michael R. Murray