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Ametek Crystal WT Series Digital Gauges

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Price: From $1,875.00 to $1,951.00
Manufacturer: AMETEK/CRYSTAL

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Wally box replacement!

The WT version of the XP2i is designed to replicate the dimensions and pressure connections of the most common test gauges mounted in portable cases. It is a drop in replacement for the Wally box. 

  • 0.1% of reading accuracy
  • Batteries and digital communications are accessible from the front
  • Rugged "Wally Box" gauge can stand dropping
  • Optional Pressure data-logging capability
  • Fast delivery
  • Comes in 6" and 8.5" options
ConFigXP (Free) – Allows you to customize your gauge by adding or disabling features.
Click to Download ConFigXP


 *Not recommended for oxygen service

  • Large format mechanical gauge replacement for a fraction of the cost
  • Basic digital pressure gauge

Every WT Series Panel Mount Digital Pressure Gauge comes with an ISO 17025 calibration report - NIST traceable, A2LA accredited, internationally recognized by ILAC - with test data at 5 temperatures, proving our gauges meet specifications throughout their full temperature range.  



*Not recommended for oxygen service

Specifications include all effects of linearity, hysteresis, repeatability, temperature, and stability for one year.


20% to 100% of Full Scale: ±(0.1% of Reading).
0 to 20% of Full Scale: ±(0.02% of Full Scale).
Vacuum, for 2MPa (300 PSI, 20 bar, 20kg/kg2) and lower pressure gauges:
0 to -100.0 kPa (-14.5 PSIG): ±(0.25% of Full Scale), where F.S.: -100.0 kPa (-14.5 PSIG).
(Not recommended for continuous use below -14.5 PSIG.)

Pressure Ranges
(see the table below)
Density of water conversion can be selected via the keypad: 4°C, 60°F or 20°C / 68°F.

Operating & Compensated: -10 to 50°C (14 to 122°F).
Storage: -40 to 75°C (-40 to 167°F).

Backlit Display
Description: 5 Full (seven segment) digits.
Display rate: 3 readings per second.
Numeral display height: 16.5mm (0.65”) single line display or 14 mm (0.55”) for main numerals of dual line display.

Intrinsic Safety
Not rated intrinsically safe.

Pressure connection: 1/8 female NPT.
Electrical connection: DB9, RS-232

Media Compatibility
Liquids and gases compatible with PTFE (Polytetrafluoroethylene) penetrated, anodized aluminum sensor manifold, 316 stainless steel (sensor), and PTFE tape.

Battery: Three size AAA batteries.
Battery life: 500 hours typical (alkaline battery).

Description: Stainless steel
Dimensions (-1000 option): 75mm (2.95") D x 235mm (9.25") W x 235mm (9.25") L 
Dimensions (-1500 option): 75mm (2.95") D x 266.7mm (10.5") W x 266.7mm (10.5") L
Weight: 1.25kg (2.7 lbs.), including batteries.

Description: All welded stainless steel.


Unneeded pressure units may be disabled via the RS-232 connector using ConFigXP software. • kPa models can display pressure in kPa and bar (or mbar) only. PSI and bar models can display all available units. • A WT gauge will indicate pressure up to 10% above Range Pressure. Above 110%, the WT display will flash, indicating that the applied pressure exceeds the calibrated pressure range. If the calibrated pressure range is exceeded, the pressure displayed may not be accurate. • An Absolute version is available only on WT Series gauges with ranges of 2000 PSI and higher.

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