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Condec UPC5200 High Pressure Calibration Standard

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Price: $17,695.00
Manufacturer: CONDEC, A Division of Rice Lake Weighing Systems
Mfr. Part Number: UPC5200

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High Pressure Calibration Standard
  • Standard ranges : 10,000/5000/2000psi and 5000/2500/1000psi
  • Three independent selectable ranges in each instrument
  • +-0.05% F.S. accuracy of each independent selectable range
  • Available with LED or LCD lighting
  • Pressure display resolution 0.02% F.S. typical for each range
  • Different technicians can calibrate the same transmitter and get identical results...every time
  • Electronically controlled 10:1 intensifier system
  • Easy to operate, training can be accomplished in 10 minutes
  • Adjustable overpressure protection above input pressure
  • Precision pressure vernier control
  • Voltage/current display mode for transducer testing
  • 32 VDC excitation output
  • Non-Destructible, finger tip control micro-metering valve for pressure control
  • Automatic pushbutton calibration, microprocessor controlled and maintained
  • Quick disconnect fitting and test port hose included
  • Pneumatic only - no hydraulic or distilled water messes
  • External pressure cylinder and hose included with UPC5200

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