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PIECAL 830 with Panel Mount Version - Multifunction Diagnostic Process Calibrator

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Price: From $3,509.00 to $3,839.00
Manufacturer: PIECAL (Practical Instrument Electronics inc.)

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Process Calibrator
PIE 830 - also PIE 830 Panel Mount New for 2017 

PIE Model 830 Panel Mount Version - High Accuracy Dual Channel Multifunction Diagnostic Calibrator, panel mount version. 

Sources & reads mA, V, T/C, RTD, ohms and Frequency. Also sources pH, accepts wide range of PIE digital pressure modules,

has Loop Diagnostic capabilities with Patented Current Leakage test. Includes 8 3/4” * 4 3/4” aluminum mounting plate & screws, 

110/120V AC adapter and FREE NIST Traceable Certificate of Calibration.

Get more tools in a smaller calibrator

Carry eight single function calibrators
plus a milliamp calibrator with loop supply
plus a loop troubleshooter in the palm of your hand

Milliamp • Voltage • Frequency • pH
Ohms • Thermocouples • RTDs • Pressure
Loop Diagnostics • Transmitter Supply

First calibrator with FIVE troubleshooting tools


Detect hidden loop problems
Quickly diagnose troublesome ground faults & current leakage with patented Loop Diagnostic technology. These problems are undetectable with other instruments!


Check all loop parameters at once with the LoopScope
Simultaneously displays current, voltage and resistance to let you know the condition of a live loop. Finds problems with power supplies & loops with too many loads. Patented by PIE!


Automatically detect 2, 3 or 4 wire RTDs
Trouble shoot sensor connections and find broken wires with patented technology. LCD indicates which of the four wires are connected to an RTD sensor.


Swap out faulty transmitters to diagnose control issues
Easily setup the 830 as a universal isolated transmitter for temperature, frequency, millivolt or pressure. If the loop is back under control you know the transmitter was faulty. Turn on the LoopScope to simultaneously see the loop current, power supply voltage and loop loads for troubleshooting.


Troubleshoot wiring problems without a multimeter
Built in continuity checker with beeper quickly finds broken wires or shorts in instrumentation wiring. Also handy for checking operation of relays and controller outputs.
The PIE Model 830 is more than a multifunction calibrator. It is also a loop detective that is able to diagnose common problems that other test equipment just can not find. Have a flooded junction box or unknown ground faults? Our Loop Diagnostic technology will detect it. Or use the LoopScope to see at a glance all the parameters - milliamps, voltage and resistance - in the loop.

Stop throwing away perfectly good transmitters only to find the problem is somewhere else in the loop. Setup the PIE Model 830 as an isolated universal transmitter and turn on the Loop Diagnostics. The display will tell you EXACTLY the sensor input, the current output and if there is any uncontrolled current in the loop due to a ground fault, corrosion bridge or moisture. If the control system sees no problem when the 830 is acting as a transmitter THEN you can replace the faulty transmitter. With RTDs the 830 automatically detects which of the 2, 3 or 4 wires are connected and unbroken quickly alerting you to a sensor problem. Diagnostic features are covered by US Patent #7,248,058.

Become a troubleshooting technician with Patented Diagnostic Technology - Available only with PIE Calibrators!

    Includes NIST traceable certificate of calibration. (No data)

Advantages of the PIE 830 over the Altek 830

•  Higher Accuracy - 
Accurate to 0.006 mA, Pt 100 Ohm RTD to 0.2°C/0.4°F, Type K to 0.3°C/0.6°F, pH to 0.003 pH
•  Loop Diagnostics - Unique to PIE
Only multifunction calibrator that can power up a loop and tell you that there is moisture, corrosion or a ground fault causing current to leak to ground.
•  Simulates a pH probe
Calibrate pH tranmitters & analyzers before attaching probe to verify that each is working correctly.
•  Isolated internal 24 V loop supply
Calibrate 2-wire transmitter with electrical isolation between the input and the output for more accuate and stable readings.
•  Wider range of pressure modules & scales
Choose from 32 different modules with up to 32 engineering units for greater compatability with your processes.
•  Works with more instruments
Compatible with smart transmitters, multichannel recorders, PLCs and DCSs - GUARANTEED! More Thermocouple & RTD ranges with 0.1° resolution and better accuracy.
•  Smaller & lighter
Pocket sized and easier to carry
•  LED for optical pickups
LED flashes green in sync with frequency output. Illuminates red for overload conditions.
•  Easier to hook-up
Diagrams are shown on the display indicating where to plug in the test leads.

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