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Martel - TC-100 Thermocouple Calibrator

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Item Number: TC100 (#1919084)
Manufacturer: MARTEL
Mfr. Part Number: TC-100

TC-100 Thermocouple Calibrator

Precision Thermocouple Calibrator for High Temperature Calibration
Thermocouple Calibrator Features:
  • High accuracy ±0.3 °C (Type J T/C - all errors combined)
  • Ten(10) common T/C Types plus mV
  • Accepts both T/C mini-plug and bare T/C wires
  • Simple decade control of output
  • Three setpoints for each T/C type
  • MIN/MAX recall in measure mode
  • Input protection to 240VAC
  • Supplied in full rubber boot; optional carrying case available
The Thermocouple Calibrator provides high accuracy and measurement of ten common thermocouples, as well as mV. The TC-100 thermocouple calibrator's accuracy of ±0.3 °C for Type J T/Cs includes all errors, at resolutions of 0.01 °C or °F in measure mode, and 0.1 °C or °F in source mode. Features including MIN/MAX recall in measure mode, three set points per thermocouple range, a large knob for decade control of the output in source mode, and the ability to accept bare T/C wires in addition to mini-plug inputs, makes the thermocouple calibrator an accurate, easy-to-use instrument for all your thermocouple calibration needs.

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