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IC Controls 450 Conductivity Loop Transmitter

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Price: From $980.00 to $1,124.00
Manufacturer: IC CONTROLS

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IC Controls 450 Economical Two-Wire Conductivity/ TDS Loop


The 450-series microprocessor-based two-wire transmitters are flexible and easy to use. They are easy to install in a surface-mounted 10x10x10 cm (4x4x4 inch) size NEMA 4X (IP 65) water-shedding and corrosion-resistant plastic case. System includes true-union conductivity sensor and insertion fitting for ease of installation (450 Conductivity/ TDS two-wire transmitter, 414 sensor with 1.0/cm cell constant, 1" MNPT CPVC quick-connect insertion fitting).

Benefits and Features - Transmitter
  • Transmitter operates on a two-wire 24-volt DC circuit
  • Side-mounted quick connect (ISO 4400) for loop power; bottom-mounted quick connect for sensor
  • Simple operation - without opening the case, users can view the sensor reading, sensor temperature, and the last calibration record
  • Calibrations can be done without opening the enclosure using only the front panel keypad
  • Sensor health can be examined by viewing memory of sensor cell constant when calibrated and/or a list of error codes
  • Intuitive user interface with short key sequences is easy to learn – most often, no manual is required
  • Convert between sensor constants on the keypad
  •  LCD displays conductivity, TDS, temperature, mA output and calibration status
  •  Sample shortcut key for quick return to sample reading
  • User interface “remembers” last position within menu structure for ease of navigation
  •  Adjusts to wide range of standards for calibration
  • Tolerates faults and issues a caution
  • During calibration, output can be held
  • Set the 4-20 mA output span or zero from keypad
  • All user adjustments made via keypad
  •  Reliable, separately powered and input output isolated circuit prevents interface problems
  • Durable IP65 (NEMA 4X) housing withstands hosing down; survives acid and caustic fumes, humidity, etc.

Benefits and Features - Sensor
  •  Model 414 true-union conductivity sensor for ease of installation in insertion or submersion applications.
  • True-union-style threaded fitting locks in the electrode for extra safety and easy removal without cable twisting (1” NPT)
  •  handles submersion, screw-in, and flowthrough, applications
  • 1.0/ cm cell constant; measurement range of 100 to 10 000 μs/ cm
  •  TDS derived using an adjustable Solids Content Factor
  •  Recommended for applications where frequent removal in tough applications for calibration, cleaning or Q.C. checks, is required
  •  Rugged CPVC construction

Medium conductivity calibration kit for cell
constants 0.1/cm to 5.0/cm includes:
  • 1 x 500 mL 100 μS/cm conductivity standard
  • 2 x 500 mL 1 000 μS/cm conductivity standard
  • 1 x 500 mL 10 000 μS/cm conductivity standard
  •  1 x 500 mL demineralized water
  •  1 x 10 mL syringe
  • 4 x 250 mL polyethylene beakers
  • 1 sensor cleaning brush, ¼ inch
  • instruction sheet Sensor