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Zircomat InSitu Stack Gas Oxygen Analyzer

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Price: From $4,266.67 to $10,611.11 (+$210.00)
Configuration: -20'-N

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Zircomat InSitu Stack Gas Oxygen Analyzer
High Speed Measurement of Excess Oxygen in Stack or Furnace Gases

Finally… Hassle Free Stack Gas Oxygen Measurement

System Overview
A complete ZIRCOMAT Oxygen analyzer system includes a probe, detector, transmitter, connecting cable and user’s manual - ready for installation on site. All units feature a special oxygen detector that will mount to any model or length of probe during installation. This unique patented design allows the oxygen detector and sample gas filter to be field serviced by the user without the need for probe removal from the hot process gas stream. This is a big maintenance time saver and safety issue for service and repair crews, especially when long probes are used or access to the mounting location is restricted. One person can quickly detach the detector from the probe mounting flange. The small hand held detector can be used as spare for all probe lengths regardless of probe type - drastically reducing space and inventory cost compared to other length and temperature specific designs from other vendors.

• Detachable oxygen detector
• Probe stays in process
• One Detector fits any probe
• Fast response to changes
• Programmable ranges
• Isolated 4-20mA output signal
• Simple to install and maintain

• Boilers
• Blast Furnaces
• Coke Ovens
• CEM - Diluent
• Incinerators
• Process Heaters
• And many more...

Many of the top fortune 500 companies have already discovered that installing a ZIRCOMAT Oxygen analyzer is the smart way to measure flue gas oxygen for today’s combustion control systems. Controlling excess oxygen in the flue gas to reduce fuel consumption is a well established control tool that’s well understood by energy management and process engineers worldwide. Please take a few moments to review how this modular system provides important installation, operation and service benefits when compared to other analyzers of conventional design. Field proven in over 25 years of service, the revolutionary ZIRCOMAT system contains the following components:

Delta Instrument Oxygen Detector
Oxygen Detector
The Oxygen detector mounts to the probe flange and can be quickly detached from the probe for any routine maintenance, including sample gas filter replacement. A 1/4 inch tube connection is provided for on-line calibration. The same detector is used with any one of the five sample probes.
Delta Instrument Unique Probe Tip

Electronic Transmitter
The ZKM transmitter is a full featured single channel transmitter with menu driven software - keypad interface that includes auto-calibration, twelve programmable alarm functions (including fuel rich mode), programmable air purge (with memory hold) for sample gas filter - the unit is also fully self-diagnostic with LCD message center, event log, password data protection and can be remote mounted in a convienent location up to 1000 feet from the probes. Please see the specification section for further details.

Combustion efficiency and RS-485 MODBUS communication are available options. Combustion efficiency requires a thermocouple input and provides a read-out in % efficiency using the Siegert formula. Rich mode is a display function with alarm contact for fuel rich conditions that can occur when the oxygen content in the flue gas is at or below zero.

In situ Probes
Select a Sample probe from the five types to suit your combustion fuel type, stack gas temperature range and insertion length. All probes are self-cleaning in applications where the fuel fired is oil or gas. For Coal or other applications with high fly ash, the sample gas filter is cleaned with a user programmable air purge – all without the need for operator involvement.

Delta Instrument ZFK Probe
ZFK Probe
Suitable for oil or gas applications with flue gas temperatures up to 1150°F, the ZFK probe is available in nine standard lengths from 12” to 140”. The probe design uses the natural flue gas flow to create a differential pressure across a unique divided flow path - from the end of the probe - past the oxygen detector and back out. Damage protection from any flying debris in the flue gas duct is provided by the probe tube.

Delta Instrument ZTB Probe
ZTB Probe

Specified for fuels with high fly ash - all coal applications up to 1150°F, the ZTB probe is available in lengths from 12” to 140”. On dirty and abrasive applications, the probe tube also serves as an abrasive shield and the flow path past the heated oxygen detector also eliminates any cold end corrosion between the probe and flange that can occur on other units. A blow back feature cleans the probe and sample  gas filter in-process and the air solenoid valve is controlled by the ZKM transmitter.

ZFK-ST Probe
Designed for process heater and other oil or gas applications up to 2200°F, a choice of 24” or 44” probes provide cost effective oxygen measurement at high temperatures.

ZTB-ST Probe
The ZTB-ST probe has the same specifications as the ZFK-ST but with the addition of the blow back feature for use with high fly-ash content fuels typically found in incinerators and other high temperature applications

Delta Instrument ZTA Probe
ZTA Probe
High temperature applications up to 2900°F are covered by the ZTA probe. With a choice of four probes up to 60” long, they are suitable for all fuel types and can be used with the blow back cleaning feature. The detector and sample gas filter are fully serviceable without probe removal from the process. A port is provided to view the inside of the probe/furnace during normal operation.

Optional Accessories
A full range of optional accessories are available and includes an Automatic Calibration module unit for use with the ZKM transmitter - fully piped and wired in a weatherproof enclosure for easy installation by the customer at the job site. Special ISA type “Z” purge or explosion proof packages or a process gas flame arrestor for the detector is available for applications in areas classified as hazardous by the NEC and NFPA
Delta Instrument ZKM Purge Panel Delta Instrument ZKM Explosion Proof Enclosure Delta Instrument Auto Calibration Unit Delta Instrument ZFK Explosion Proof Detector Delta Instrument ZFK Flame Arrestor

*Other materials can be supplied. Pricing upon request.

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