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DC Detector 3315

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Price: $19.95
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Item Number: 3315
Manufacturer: SANTRONICS INC
The DC Detector introduces a revolutionary breakthrough in DC voltage detection and can be used to troubleshoot any DC circuit with voltage ranging from 6-50 volts DC. The DC Detector features an LED that never burns out, a loud buzzer, and a sharp, rust proof, stainless steel tip for penetrating insulated wires. The DC Detector also features an extended ground lead with an extra large alligator clip to insure a good connection. The DC unit is a user friendly, pen shaped enclosure that fits comfortably in the hand. 

Manufuactured and Packaged in the USA.

  • Voltage Range 6-50 Volts DC
  • Manufactured, Printed and Packaged in the USA
  • One Year Warranty


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