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Dickson Shippers Choice Disposable Temperature Chart Recorders

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Price: $51.00

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Recording Times:

Shippers’ Choice Disposable
Temperature Chart Recorder

Accurately records temperatures from start to finish of transport-- documents adherence to critical storage requirements.

Multiple features tailored for shipping needs--
• Use once and throw away
• Failsafe start-up and pull out start tab
• Shock and vibration protection
• Tamper-proof crimped seal
• Low-cost shipping alternative

Temperature Range:

-20 to +100F
-30 to +37.5C

Temperature Accuracy:

±1F (+0.6C) from +10 to +70F (-12 to +21C)

Temperature Sensor:

Spiral wound bi-metalic strip transducer

Ambient Operating Conditions:

-20 to +135°F (-20 to +57°C), 0 to 95% RH (non-condensing)

Available Calibration Options: