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3D Instruments Company Information

3D Instruments LLC began with a unique Bourdon Tube technology developed for the demanding needs of the Aerospace Industry. A talented Engineer developed this Bourdon Tube working within an aerospace hydraulics company. The gauge was developed specifically to overcome the weaknesses inherent in the older technology “C” Bourdon Tube gauges that are still commonly used today.
The new technology utilized a helically wound Bourdon Tube manufactured from a new space-age alloy called “Inconel X-750”. This material has advantages that include good corrosion resistance in a wide variety of pressure mediums, and excellent spring characteristics for use as a pressure sensor. All other materials in the gauge were Stainless Steel or better.
The new gauges proved such a success that within a short time the company was specifying that they be used in all high-stress applications. Word of this continuing success soon spread to other companies within the same industry and they began to enquire about purchasing similar gauges.
After some suitable product development the first generation of gauges was introduced to the market place as “Roylyn” gauges. This name is a contraction of the name of the original developer of the technology. So good were these gauges that many are still in service with this name on the dial. And today they continue to outlast rival products in the most severe service.
The first generations were all Test Gauges at 0.25% of accuracy full scale. These gauges were typically applied in situations where this level of accuracy was necessary. Once again however a wider audience became aware of the strength of the “ Direct Drive” gauge and further enquiries were received about gauges suitable for wider application.
This led to the introduction of the Process Gauge, which was engineered to maximize flexibility in application by the utilization of a changeable mounting system, labeled the “Dyna-Mount”. This system allows a user to specify a single part number in most gauge diameters that can be switched from back to bottom connection and through several different flange options; front, rear, and no flange. All of this with one part number! This simplified stocking and record keeping for many customers of the new pressure gauge.
Within a few years the pressure gauge was successful enough that it was used as the basis to form a new company entirely devoted to the manufacture and sale of the “ Direct Drive” technology. This new company was called “3D Instruments”, playing on the theme “Direct Drive Difference”. In 2002 3D Instruments acquired the assets of another advanced concept pressure gauge manufacturing company called “Sierra Precision”. In early 2004 these two companies combined operations at a newly built facility in Anaheim, California.
Today 3D Instruments LLC continues the tradition begun with the first generation of pressure gauges - providing rugged, reliable, pressure and temperature measurement instrumentation that is used in virtually every industry around the world. With new strengths the company can engineer quality OEM applications as well as provide standard gauges that contain “The Direct Drive Difference”!

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