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IC Controls - Corporate Profile

Industrial Water Analysis Specialists

IC Controls is proud to be celebrating its 30th anniversary as a Canadian manufacturer supplying the international market with advanced electrochemical water analysis equipment, sensors, and standards. Since our founding in 1979, we have evolved to specialize our offerings in the areas of pH, conductivity, ORP, dissolved oxygen, chlorine, and boiler water analysis equipment for industry. Design, research and development, and manufacturing all take place at our head office located in Orangeville, Ontario, Canada.

The IC Controls corporate objective is to make our living while benefitting the global environment by improving the quality of life for all with whom we do business. We strive to provide real solutions that both improve our living environment by measuring the purity of water and make your work easier. These solutions are achieved through an innovative approach to the measurement and control of important parameters such as pH, conductivity, ORP, dissolved oxygen, and chlorine. In short, IC Controls supplies real solutions that improve product quality and profits.

IC Controls established itself in the Canadian market as a manufacturer of superior-quality analyzers, controls, sensors and standards for the measurement of pH, conductivity, and dissolved oxygen. IC Controls has built a reputation for quality, durability, trouble-free performance, quick delivery, and outstanding technical support. The reputation for quality has created a strong customer following in Canada. Since our expansion into international markets in 1990, our reputation is now growing throughout the world.

IC Controls analyzers have advanced measurement capabilities as well as networkability that provide ease-of-use and accuracy. We help our customers to achieve efficiency with minimal capital investment, which in turn gives our customers a competitive advantage. Users also enjoy the benefit of our strong customer application support with "analyzer experts" educated in the area of chemistry. Our experts are available to provide specific "real solutions" to any challenge.

The on-line process analysis markets served by IC Controls include applications from incoming water treatment to boiler feedwater, stream and condensates, to applications in the manufacturing process, and on to monitoring the final effluent for pollution-prevention purposes. The following industries are served:

  • pulp and paper mills
  • mines and metal refineries
  • municipal water and waste facilities
  • environmental ministries
  • electrical utilities, thermal and nuclear
  • breweries and sugar refineries
  • steel mills
  • chemical plants
  • oil refineries
  • general manufacturing                                                       
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IC Controls 603 pH Sensor
Price: From $465.00 to $637.00
IC Controls 603 pH Sensor
pH sensors have been susceptible to fouling/ plugging at the surface of the reference junction or contamination of the reference cell. The 603s overcomes these limitations with a patented reference junction constructed from non-porous material.
IC Controls 450 Conductivity Loop Transmitter
Price: From $980.00 to $1,124.00
IC Controls 450 Conductivity Loop Transmitter
The 450-series microprocessor-based two-wire transmitters are flexible and easy to use. They are easy to install in a surface-mounted 10x10x10 cm (4x4x4 inch) size NEMA 4X (IP 65) water-shedding and corrosion-resistant plastic case.

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