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E+E Elektronik USA OILPORT 30 SET

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E+E Elektronik OILPORT 30 SET
E+E Elektronik OILPORT 30 SETE+E Elektronik OILPORT 30 with ProbeE+E Elektronik Short oil probe for OILPORT 30E+E Elektronik Pressure-tight oil probe for OILPORT 30
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Manufacturer: E+E Elektronik USA

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Optional Accessories
Hand-held meter for moisture in oil

The OILPORT 30 hand-held meter is used for the mobile monitoring of the moisture content and temperature in different oils. The simple and intuitive operation via TFT touch screen and the built-in data logging function make the OILPORT 30 hand-held the ideal tool for fast and reliable oil analysis.

  • Basic device OMNIPORT 30 (incl. 4 AA batteries and USB-cable)
  • Oil probe
  • Probe cable 2 m (6.6 ft)
  • Calibration certificate for measuring probe
  • Calibration certificate for basic device
  • Protection cap for sensor head
  • Carrying case
  • Calibration device*)
  • 5 ampoules 10 % RH humidity calibration solution*)
  • 5 ampoules 80 % RH humidity calibration solution*)
  • Accredited calibration certificate for humidity standards*)
*) version C01 only

  • Continuous and single-point data logging with time and date stamp
  • Internal memory for 2 million measured values
  • Capacitive TFT touch-screen
  • Up to 3 measurands displayed simultaneously
  • Real-time HOLD / MIN / MAX / AVERAGE readout
  • Data displayed as graphs directly on device
  • Integrated air pressure sensor
  • USB-connectivity for software updates and data transfer
  • Free data management software
  • User friendly operation

  • Relative water content / water activity [aw]
  • Absolute water content [ppm]
  • Temperature [°C / °F]
Analogous to gas humidity, the moisture content of an oil can be specified absolutely in ppm or as relative water content aw.
  • ppm (mass water / mass oil)
  • aw (current water content in relation to the water content in a saturated oil sample) Completely water-free oil has an aw value of 0, completely saturated oil has an aw value of 1.

The OILPORT 30 hand-held meter always determines the water activity aw and the temperature T. By entering oil-specific parameters, the hand-held meter can calculate the water content in ppm and show it in the display.

  • Pressure-tight oil probe up to 20bar
Together with the ball valve assembly set, the oil probe can be fitted and removed without interrupting the oil circuit.
  • Short oil probe Ø12mm
Ideal for quickly determining the humidity of oil samples.

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