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KNF Neuberger, Inc.

KNF (USA) Background
Since 1977, German precision, quality engineering principles, American ingenuity and entrepreneurial spirit have been at work at the headquarters of KNF Neuberger, Inc., which designs and manufactures standard and custom-tailored air, gas,and liquid pumps.

The company's broad range of products support a wide variety of sophisticated applications, both as a part of larger systems (OEM) or as stand-alone (end-user) units. Medical applications include manual and automated blood analyzers used by both doctors' offices and hospitals, and operating room blood/gas monitors used by anesthesiologists.

In the environmental arena, KNF products help to analyze the exhaust of vehicles and industrial plants and thereby monitor/manage the emissions of pollutants. In the research laboratory, KNF has recently introduced LABOPORT®, a corrosion-resistant, maintenance-free line of dry vacuum pumps and accessories for the laboratory. KNF pioneered in the design of solid Teflon® resin pumps to handle applications utilizing aggressive gases/liquids.

KNF's customers include Fortune 100 firms; fast-track small-to-mid-sized and start-up firms; local, state and federal government agencies; and university research centers. Increasing demand for KNF products has led to the design and construction of a new USA headquarters facility and manufacturing plant, with expansion of the sales and marketing areas nearing completion.

KNF Neuberger Inc. (USA) is part of a multi-national Corporation established in 1946, shortly after World War II. KNF Neuberger GmbH is located in Germany's scenic Black Forest region. With a world-wide group of operating companies (UK, France, Germany, BENELUX, Italy, Japan, Korea, Switzerland and the USA) and two R&D centers, KNF offers the true depth of capability needed to solve today's and tomorrow's challenges.