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The Kestrel 5200 Pocket Weather Meter is Kestrel's Professional meter with the intended markets of construction, pouring concrete, balancing HVAC systems, and spraying crops. It gives quick calculations for your job with integrated specialty calculations.  With the new LINK technology, you can get readings right to your smartphone up to 100 feet away! 

The Kestrel 5200 upgraded and combined functions from the Kestrel 4250 & Kestrel 4300 in November of 2015.  


The Kestrel 5200 has these distinct monitoring functions over the other 5000 series:

Measures evaporation rate: lb/ft2/hr  /  kg/m2/hr

Air Flow: CFM, m3/hr, m3/m, m3/s, L/s

Delta T

Relative Air Density:  

Air Density: lb/ft3, kg/m3


These added features make the 5200 the choice of farmers, construction, and HVAC.



Delta T allows you to accurately assess acceptable spraying conditions to ensure you're within guidelines and help you select the right spray nozzle. The Kestrel 5200 calculates and logs on-site Delta T without any additional user input. Based upon ambient temperature and dew point, Delta-T provides guidance on the evaporation rate of sprayed chemicals. When combined with the Kestrel 5200’s average wind and max wind gust measurements, agriculture professionals can ensure they spray safely, every time. Use an accessory carry pouch to keep your Kestrel handy on your belt, ready to go before any spraying operations.

Farmers need a host of other environmental measurements, all of which are at the tips of your fingers with a Kestrel 5200. Use the volume air flow measurement to assess barn ventilation systems. Monitor temperature, humidity and heat index to ensure your animal facilities and feed mixtures are set up for maximum productivity. Measure micro-climates on your farm to ensure crops are sited where mold and disease will be minimized.



Volume air flow couldn’t get any easier than this. Simply input the duct shape and dimensions and traverse the Kestrel 5200 across the duct. You’ll get instantaneous and average volume air flow without the need for any geometry or calculations. readings that greatly assist in commissioning and performance balancing HVAC systems. While not a replacement for a balometer, the Kestrel 5200 is far less expensive and can save you time and money. The Kestrel 5200 also offers every commonly-used measurement of moisture content in air, making life easy to determine dehumidification needs.



The Kestrel 4200’s Evaporation Rate calculator allow you to enter the temperature of your concrete mix (from a probe or IR thermometer), then measure conditions at the pour site. The Kestrel 5200 has the American Concrete Institute Evaporation Rate nomograph built in and displays the Evaporation Rate right on screen with no calculation or error-prone interpolation. With that information in hand, decisions about additives to the mix or curing adjustments can be made, prevent costly plastic shrinkage cracks of the slab. Plus, the Kestrel 5200 allows you to monitor wind-loading on booms and cranes, and even track the heat index on your work site to keep your workers safe.

Pair the Kestrel 5200 with the optional Kestrel Vane Mount for hands-free measurements logged over the course of the day. And for maximum functionality, choose the Kestrel 5200 with LiNK to transmit live measurements to your phone or tablet when you’re within range. The Kestrel LiNK app will provide alerts on your mobile device to let you know when conditions have changed.


Data Connection

If you select the Bluetooth Kestrel LINK model, your meter includes custom communication software designed to quickly and easily configure your data transmission frequency, download logged data, graph data and transfer data to other applications. It is no longer necessary to purchase an interface separately, the new Kestrel Meters with Bluetooth include the software necessary to communicate wirelessly at a range of up to 100 feet with a clear line of site (walls or obstacles will effect this range).

Note, you will need a Dongle to connect with your computer.  A workaround if you don't have this with you would be to upload your data to your mobile smartphone and email it to yourself and open it on your Mac/PC.  On the 4000 series you did not need the Dongle.


The Kestrel Meter 5200 Weather Meter measures/features


  • ·        Evaporation Rate
  • ·        Delta T
  • ·        Air density
  • ·        Relative air density (RAD)
  • ·        Altitude
  • ·        Pressure trend
  • ·        Barometric pressure
  • ·        Wet bulb temperature
  • ·        Relative humidity in %
  • ·        Heat stress index 
  • ·        Dewpoint
  • ·        Density altitude
  • ·        Wind chill
  • ·        Air, water, and snow temperature °F or °C
  • ·        Current, average, and maximum air velocity
  • ·        Waterproof (sealed to IP67 standards) and floats
  • ·        Time and date
  • ·        Easy- to-read backlit display
  • ·        Data Logger (automatic and manual)
  • ·        Customizable data storage - 2900 data points
  • ·        Minimum, Maximum and Average values
  • ·        Multi-Function 3-line display
  • ·        Humidity sensor can be recalibrated in the field with our Relative Humidity Calibration Kit
  • ·        Exterior temperature, humidity, and pressure sensors for fast and accurate readings
  • ·        Customize screens to display user-selected measurements
  • ·        Graph and recall trends
  • ·        User-replaceable impeller
  • ·        Flip-top impeller cover allows use of other functions while protecting the impeller
  • ·        Data charting
  • ·        Upload to a computer (with optional interface) Mac or PC
  • ·        Works with Android and iPhone Apps!
  • ·        Five languages (English, French, Spanish, German, and Italian)
  • ·        Rugged (drop tested to MIL-STD-810G standards), waterproof (sealed to IP67 standards) and floats.
  • ·        US Patent Nos. 5,783,753 and 5,939,645 and 6,257,074
  • ·        Made in the USA



Kestrel LiNK for Windows & Mac


Simple communication to Windows and Mac computers is provided through the optional LiNK .USB Dongle or USB Data Transfer Cable. Download your data to view, analyze and archive. Enables firmware update of Kestrel 5 series meters.


Kestrel LiNK for iOS & Android 


Wirelessly connect with iOS and Android devices. When in range, view real-time measurements, receive on-screen alerts and download your data. Logged data can be viewed, analyzed, archived and shared via e-mail, Facebook and Twitter. Enables firmware update of Kestrel 5 series meters. NOTE: Range up to 100’ line of sight – reduced by walls and obstructions.


Kestrel Meter 5200 Includes: 


  • ·        Neck Lanyard
  • ·        AA Lithium Battery (Average Life 400 Hours)
  • ·        Protective Drawstring Pouch
  • ·        Certificate of Conformity (with complete specifications)
  • ·        Instruction Manual 
  • ·        Five Year Warranty


Optional Accessories:

Kestrel LiNK Dongle (BTLE)

 USB LINK connection.  Plugs into Mac/PC.  

**Only for Kestrel 5000 series.

You can NOT connect your Kestrel 5000 series to your Mac/PC via bluetooth without this Kestrel LINK Dongle.  Unfortunately, you can not just buy a regular LINK dongle as you might suspect on Amazon a computer site, they won't work... it MUST be the Kestrel LINK Dongle as sold here.  We wish that were different, but this is the one.

One work around we've found if you don't want to get this, is to export your data to your smartphone (Android or iPhone) with the Kestrel Connect App, and then email the data to your Mac/PC. 


Kestrel Meter Collapsible Tripod

Compatible with the Portable Vane Mount and any Kestrel Meter, the Kestrel Collapsible Tripod makes for easy, hands-free measuring out in the field. Extend the tripod to 51" and collapse it to 14". Easily carry the Collapsible Tripod thanks to its lightweight 1.7 lbs. Using the Collapsible Tripod, Vane Mount, and USB Interface together transforms your Kestrel Meter into a portable weather station.



·        Stands 48.25 inches high when fully extended 51.4")

·        Measures 13.6 inches when collapsed

·        Five section twist-and-pull legs

·        Weighs under 2 lbs

·        Compatible with the Kestrel Portable Vane Mount

·        Place of Origin: China


·        Clamp that mounts a Kestrel Meter 

·        Carry case for the Tripod


Kestrel USB Data Transfer Cable for 5000 Series

Low profile, lightweight, waterproof cable provides wired connectivity to Windows and Mac computers for fast data uploads and firmware updates.  Compatible with every model in the Kestrel 5000, Kestrel 5100, Kestrel 5200, Kestrel 5400, Kestrel 5500, Kestrel 5700, and Applied Ballistic Kestrel Meters. 


Simply connect the interface cable to the USB port on your Mac** or PC and connect the other end to your Kestrel.  It is not a USB connection on the Kestrel Meter, as this is a waterproof meter and requires the appropriate connection. The free downloadable software is easy to use and saves the data in a comma delimited text file for use in your choice of applications: text editor, spreadsheet or database. 

** Applied Ballistics software is only available for PC.


Download Stored Data


Download your data, chart it, and export it to save or use in other applications.



Included in Box:

·        Simply connect the interface cable

·        54" USB cable

Computer Requirements:

·        Compatibility: PC / MAC

·        Connectivity: USB


Kestrel Screen Protector Kit for Series 5000 Meters

Keep your Kestrel 5 Series screen looking new with the screen protector kit. Each kit includes one adhesive-free screen protector custom-kit to fit the Kestrel 5 Series window, a cleaning cloth and a kit pouch for storage.



Kestrel Rotating Vane Mount 5000 / Elite Series

A lot of thought was put into making this vane mount for the 5000 Kestrel series.  It's simpler design than the last and much more durable.  The meter snaps right into it and will mount to any tripod or other ¼-20 fitted bracket, allowing use of an extension pole for taking wind or air flow readings..  This turns your Kestrel into a full-featured weather station with a large wind vane and precision pivot that keeps the Kestrel oriented into the wind for continuous measurement and logging of wind speed, wind direction, and all other key weather parameters 

Note: These are included with the 5400 LINK & 5500 LINK models.

Includes Vane Mount Pouch that will fit both your Kestrel 5000 series meter and the Vane Mount.   An internal battery loop (as well as little pocket) secures extra AA batteries and a snap-strap on the rear secures the kit to your belt or pack. The idea here is you have a portable weather station.


Vane Mount Kit in Case:


Weight: 10.5 ounces / 295 grams

Size: 2.5 x 3 x 8.5 inches / 6.5 x 7.5 x 22 cm. 

Model Number: 0782

Compatible with: 
All Kestrel 5 Series meters.   It will not fit any of the meters below the 5000 series.