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Kanomax Airflow Transducer Model 6332/6332D

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Manufacturer: KANOMAX

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  • Analog output makes it easy to integrate with other equipment
  • Smart probe technology lets you change probes without recalibrating the transducer
  • Purchase probes separately and choose the ones that meet your application needs
  • Quality Control monitoring and controlling air velocity and distribution during drying/ shaping process
  • Combined with thermographic system measure air velocity across the board to evaluate the cooling efficiency
  • 6332D comes with a display 6332 does not have a display


                  Product Line Quality Control                                    PCB Temperature Monitoring

             Quality Control monitoring and controlling             Combined with thermo graphic system,

            air velocity and distribution during drying/                measure air velocity across the board

            shaping process.                                                          to evaluate the cooling efficiency.

                                                                                                     (Photo provided by NEC San-ei Instruments, Ltd.)


                 Air Velocity Monitor for Local                               Residential Air Ventilation Monitoring

                 Exhaust Ventilation and FFU                                  Ensure ventilation system efficiency by

                          (Fan Filter Unit)                                                 actively monitoring system balance

              Prevent exposure of hazardous                                 and controlling airflow.

              materials to workers and prevent

              leakage by thorough monitoring

              and control of chamber airflow.

  • 10 interchangeable probe options
  • Probes quickly and easily attach/detach
  • Digital Display Option (model 6332D)
  • Selectable Output (Output can be set to either voltage (0 to 5V) or current (4 to 20mA)
Main Unit Specifications

Product Name

Airflow Transducer (with/without Display)


6332 / 6332D 

Measuring Object

Clean air and compatible, non-combustible gases

Measuring Range

Maximum range 0.1 ~ 50 m/s  (Range dependant on probe type*)

Measuring Accuracy

± (3% of reading + 0.1)  m/s

Temperature Compensation Range
















Selectable Output Option

(Set via onboard DIPswitch).

Current output: DC 4~20mA (Max. load resistance: 250Ω)

Voltage output: DC 0~5V

 Selectable Range Option

0~2, 0~5, 0~10, 0~25, or 0~50 m/s

Display Resolution (Model 6332D only)

Velocity Range: 0~2, 0~5, 0~10 m/s  →  Display Resolution: 0.01m/s

Velocity Range: 0~25, 0~50 m/s   →   Display Resolution: 0.1m/s

Power Supply

DC 12~24V

Power Consumption (Reference Value)

Approx. 2.0W (Under the following conditions - power supply: 12V, air velocity: approx. 10m/s, using a unit with a display with probe model 0965-03.) 

Power consumption rate is subject to change according to conditions such as air velocity, probe type and use of display.

Connection Wire Size

0.5 ~ 1.5 mm2

Operating Temperature Range

5 ~ 40°C


Temperature Range

-10 ~ 50°C


Approx. 128(W)×78(D)×30(H) mm


Approx. 320g (11oz.)

Standard Accessory  

Operation Manual : 1,  Main Unit Case: 1

Optional Accessory

Probe Cable (10m, 20m, 30m), Display Unit (Supplied with a case with a display window and 2 installation screws.), Dedicated AC Adapter (DC12V)

Probe Specifications 


Measuring Range

Sensor Type

0962-00, 0963-00



0964-01, 0964-02

Omni-directional (Needle)

0965-00, 0965-01


Omni-directional (Spherical)

0965-03, 0965-04


Mini-temperature-compensation-sensor integrated type

Omni-directional (Spherical)

0965-07, 0965-08

Mini-temperature-compensation-sensor independent type

Omni-directional (Spherical)

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