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I-Test is Crowcon’s newest solution to test and verify that your Gas-Pro and T4 are in a compliant state to carry out your daily work. Bump testing standards are getting tighter in all regions and the need for controlled bump and calibration records is a must.

When the Gas-Pro or T4 are inserted into I-Test, no button presses are required and I-Test starts testing automatically. A bump test takes less than 1 minute. The test carries out verification that the sensors are responding to a known value of gas, and filters are clear and good for use. It will also ensure the audible and visual alarms are working, giving the user full confidence that they are compliant for site use. 

I-Test is easy to use with no requirements to turn on and off the gas: the design of the demand flow regulator coupled with the I-Test will allow the automatic pull of the correct required amount and concentration of gas. I-Test can also recognise cylinders that are empty or those that have expired allowing full compliance.

I-Test stores all bump and calibration results and this can then be interrogated using the I-Test Manager software. This powerful software allows you to carry out exception reporting to see who has and hasn’t carried out their bump or calibrations. I-Test Manager also makes it very easy to print both bump and calibration certificates and any tailored reports you have generated.

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