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GE Sensing 

GE has united the technological innovation and experience of industry leaders in the design and manufacture of advanced sensing and measurement solutions into one world-class business – GE Sensing. This new multi-million dollar business, with operations around the world, offers a broad range of products and services that help customers solve challenges and drive productivity.

GE Sensing is a global business that provides sensing elements, devices, instruments, and systems that enable our customers to monitor, protect, control, and validate their critical processes and applications. It is a core technology instruments business, focused on high growth industries.

With operations around the world, GE Sensing develops technologies and solutions using thermal validation, dew point measurement, ultrasonic and gas flow measurement, control circuit protection, liquid level detection, process control instrumentation, and microstructure design for products and services in applications such as environmental, marine, meteorology, aerospace, defense, medical, pharmaceutical, biotechnology, automotive, industrial, commercial, petrochemical, power generation, and transportation.

GE Druck, GE General Eastern, GE Kaye, GE NovaSensor, GE Panametrics, GE Pressurements, GE Protimeter, GE SI, GE Thermometrics, GE Ruska, GE Telaire, are now under one name: GE Sensing.

  Core Products/Services

   • NTC/PTC Thermistors
   • Pressure Sensors
   • Temperature Sensors
   • Humidity Sensors
   • IR Sensors
   • Gas Sensors

   • Probes
   • Fittings
   • Transducers

    Handheld and Portable Devices
   • Portable Field Calibrators
   • Ultrasonic Flow Meters
   • Gas & Aluminum Oxide Moisture Analyzers
   • Pressure Pumps
   • Test Tools & Gauges

    Measurement Instruments & Systems
   • Process Control Instruments
   • Meters, Controllers, & Transmitters
   • Thermal Process Validation System
   • Wireless Process Validation & Monitoring
   • Aviation Ground Support Equipment
   • Environmental Monitoring System