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 , A Shelby Jones Company

As THE source for top quality data loggers and chart recorders for more than 80 years, Dickson’s design engineering focus has always been on incorporating cutting edge technology into our expanding line of monitoring instruments. Before we give a data logger or chart recorder that we design and manufacture the Dickson name we ask the same questions you ask--- Is this instrument reliable? Is this instrument accurate? Is this instrument stable? Is this instrument easy-to-use? If we can answer YES to all of these questions, we take an instrument from the drawing boards to you with the Dickson name. The Dickson knowledgebase on how to design and thoroughly test instruments for reliability in the real-world conditions in which they need to operate goes back to 1923. We know you need data to do your job, and we make it our business to help you get it easily and without fail. To keep Dickson’s focus on developing thoroughly tested technology at the heart of the company, Dickson has built what is arguably the most sophisticated temperature and humidity monitoring Applications Laboratory in the world. More than 80% of the Dickson employees are engineers or other technical specialists, with nearly half involved in new product development. We pride ourselves in retaining some of the most technically-astute engineering talent and highly motivated staff to be found, and in fact the Management Association of Illinois has recognized Dickson as “Employer of the Year”. The Dickson Calibration Laboratory tests instruments 365 days a year, 24/7. This font of calibration data is combined with customer feedback and ongoing audits to continually add to the Dickson knowledgebase on environmental condition monitoring. The accuracy of Dickson instrument is assured. Dickson is A2LA certified, and in fact was the first manufacturer of temperature and humidity instruments to ever receive A2LA certification.