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Crowcon Detective Plus Portable Monitor

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Price: From $3,871.00 to $5,460.00
Mfr. Part Number: Detectiveplus

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Detective+ Multigas Monitor
The Detective plus transportable area monitor is based on the highly successful Triple Plus and Detective models, building on the reputation, reliablity and versatility of its forebears.  Detective plus is a inherently rugged and robust, with a sturdy fixed or folding leg protective frame ooptions.  Loud and clear alarms can be transmitted between Detective plus units while an optional built in pump allows faster gas response and better sensor protection.  Detective plus may now be equipped with infra-red sensor technology, which provides wither CO2 detection, or allows high flammable gas level monitoring and immunity to the poisoning effects which standard flammable gas sensors can suffer from.  There are now two options for battery capacity, either 36 hours or 60 hours with standard configuration, providing remote sites with extended usage in-between charges.  Couple these features with the wide range of toxic gas sensors available at it makes Detective plus one of the most versatile area monitors available. 
  • Up to 4 gases monitored in a rugged and sturdy protective frame
  • Ultra-loud 104 dBA sounder and red LED cluster alarms
  • Wide range of sensor options including infra-red
  • Long 36 or 60 hour battery life
  • Raised detectors, coupled with IP65 specification provides excellent sensor protection
  • Built-in pump option to provide faster gas response
  • 12 Detective plus units may be linked together, up to 100m from adjacent units
Typical measuring ranges and alarm settings (up to four gas measurement channels)

Standard Range Typical Alarm Levels
Flammable Gas 0-100%LEL 20%LEL
Oxygen 0-25% 19% & 23%
Hydrogen Sulphide 0-50ppm 10ppm
Carbon Monoxide 0-500ppm 35ppm
Sulphur Dioxide 0-10ppm 2ppm
Chlorine 0-5ppm 0.5ppm
Nitrogen Dioxide 0-10ppm 2ppm
Phosphine 0-5ppm 0.5ppm
Ammonia 0-50ppm 25ppm
Ammonia 0-1000ppm N/A
Hydrogen (non-flammable levels) 0-2000ppm N/A
Hydrogen cyanide 0-25ppm 10ppm
Hydrogen chloride 0-10ppm 5ppm
Chlorine dioxide 0-1ppm 0.1ppm
Hydrogen fluoride 0-10ppm 5ppm
Ethylene oxide 0-10ppm 5ppm
Volative organic 0-100ppm N/A
Required ranges and alarms may vary by country and application and these can be configured as required.

Infrared Sensors: Infrared sensors for flammable gas can be supplied as a single range, 0-100%LEL, utilising a single display channel, or as a dual range,  0-100%LEL/0-100% volume, which then occupies two display channels.  CO2 sensors are supplied as 0-5% volume.  Only one IR sensor can be fitted, and IR sensors can only be used in combination with oxygen adn toxic sensors.

Standard Range
Typical Alarm
Flammable Gas
Flammable Gas
0-100% v/v
Flammable Gas
available for methane, propane, butane and ethylene
0-5.0% v/v
0.5%1.5% v/v

Typical response times: Methane 20s, Oxygen 10s, Typical toxic gas 20s, IR 30s

Expected sensor life: Flammable 5 years, Toxic 3 years, Oxygen 2 year minimum, IR >5 years

Audible alarms: Wailing, omni-directional siren, 104 dBA @ 1 metre

Visible alarms: Three large, top-mounted red LED clusters and single red LED on control panel.  In alarm mode LED clusters flash in quick succession LED clusters of linked Detectives repeating the alarm, flash more slowly than LED lights on those Detectives sensing the hazard.  Slow flashing green LED indicates normal working; Rapid flashing green LED indicates low battery.

Datalogging: Adjustable sample rate, 100 hours @ 1 minute sample rate (maximum 6000 data point per channel) Logging of events, user and site data

Menu: Operating menu allows access to setting up of instrument operation.  Log Menu allows selection of Users and Sites from predefined lists, marking the log file with an event, and start and stop of data logging.  Configuration Menu allows selection of display and alarm modes, setting of alarms, zero and calibration, and selection of flammable gas correction factors from predefined list.

Operating temp range: -4F to 104F ~ toxic and oxygen sensors are not rated for continuous operation at high temperatures

Humidity: 0-95% RH non condensing

Approvals: Europe: ATEX II 2G EEx ib d IIC T4; USA and Canada: Class 1 Division 1 Groups A, B, C, D (pending)

Standards: EN50014, EN50018, EN50020, EN50104, EN45544, UL913 (pending)

Ingress protection: IP65

EMC: EN50270, FCC CFR47 Part 15, IC ICESO3

PC Interface: Detective plus has an in-built PC interface, which can be connected to the serial port of a computer using the optional RS232 lead.  Portables PC software can be used to set alarms, clock, datalogging interval and password.  Portables PC also controls datalogging, giving graphical display of instrument log file and allows file export to spreadsheet.

Calibration: Detective plus can be routinely calibrated quickly using its internal menu command. Portable PC or the Crowcon CheckBox IMH management system

Linked Detectives: Up to 12 units can be linked to provide perimeter or area monitoring

Detective+ Datasheet

Detective+ User Manual