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Crowcon Triple Plus IR Multigas Monitor

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Price: From $2,557.00 to $3,178.00
Mfr. Part Number: TriplePlusIR

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Triple Plus IR is the latest version of the Triple Plus utilitsing infrared sensing technology for detection and measurement of flammable hydrocarbons.  IR sensors are suitable for both high gas concentrations and for use in inert (oxygen free) backgrounds.  The unique design of the Crowcon IR sensor module used in Triple Plus IR allows measurement of hydrocarbons at both %LEL and % volume ranges making this instrument ideal for tank and line purging applications.
A version of Triple Plus IR is also available for carbon dioxide detection in the range of 0-5%
  • Single range IR sensor 0-100%LEL with up to three other gas sensors
  • Dual range IR sensor 0-100%LEL/0-100% volume with up to two other gas sensors
  • Ideal for purging applications
  • Large simultaneous four gas display with backlight
  • Loud audible alarm
  • Bright visual alarm
  • Full timed data-logging file with 100 hour capacity
  • User and site names logging
  • User menu allows calibration without PC connection
Ranges and Alarms: Up to three levels of alarm are available per channel.  Flammable Gas can be supplied as a single range.  0-100% LEL, or as a dual range, 0-100% LEL/0-100% volume, which then occupies two channels.  CO2 is supplied as 0-2%.  Only one IR sensor can be fitted.  Triple Plus IR can have up to four channels.

Standard Range Typical Alarm
Flammable Gas 0-100% 20% LEL
Flammable Gas 0-100% volume No alarm
Flammable Gas calibrations are available for methane, propane, butane or ethylene.
Standard Range
Typical alarms
Carbon Dioxide
Hydrogen Sulphide
Carbon Monoxide
Sulphur Dioxide
Required ranges and alarms may vary by country and application and these can be configured as required.  For a full list of other toxic gas sensors consult Crowcon.
Typical response time: IR 30s, Oxygen 10s, Typical Toxic Gas 20s
Expected sensor life: IR 5 years, Toxic 3 years, Oxygen 2 years
Audible alarms: Piercing, rapid intermittent, piezo-electric tone, 85 dBA at 1m; Confidence blip (selectable); Distinctive double blip for low battery
Visible alarm: Ultra bright flashing red LED in gas hazard; Slow flashing green LED indicates instrument is working; Distinctive double flash of green LED indicates low battery
Datalogging: Adjustable sample rate, 100 hours @ 1 minute sample rate (maximum 6000 data points per channel), logging events, user and site
Electric pump: Optional internal pump with on/off button
Operating temp. range: -4F to 122F ~ toxic adn oxygen sensors are not rated for continuous operation at high temperatures. 
Humidity: 0-95% RH non-condensing
Approval codes: Europe: ATEX EX II 2G: EEx ib d IIC T4; USA and Canada: Class 1 Division 1, Groups A,B,C,D
Standards and Directives: Europe: EN61779, EN50104, EN60079-0, EN60079-11, EN60079-1, 94/9/EC; USA and Canada: UL 913, CSA 22.2
Ingress protection: IP65
EMC: EN50270, FCC CFR47 Part 15, IC ICESO3
PC Interface: PC access is achieved through an RS232 link by locating the instrument in the charger/PC interface.  Portables PC software is then used to adjust or set: all alarms, levels of alarm (3 for all channels, oxygen 2 descending 1 ascending), clack, password, time zones, user and site.  Data log management software gives the user a choice of direct graphical display or a datafile compatible with all leading spreadsheets
Autocalibrator: Triple Plus IR can be routinely calibrated quickly and simply using Checkbox IMH, by using Portables PC or the on-board menu system.

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