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Balmac, Inc.

For nearly two decades, BALMAC has been providing economical solutions to Vibration and Balancing problems for customers worldwide. Our years of experience and continuous product development have resulted in very functional and practical Vibration Measurements and Dynamic Balancing Machinery and Instruments. BALMAC specializes in providing years of dependable industrial service.

The BALMAC staff is always ready to provide support and answer any questions about equipment or applications. BALMAC instruments have a two-year warranty that includes repairs and calibration free of service charge.

BALMAC is a manufacturer of the following Vibration Instrumentation and Balancing Machines:

  • Vibration Meters
  • Vibration Analyzers & Portable Balancers
  • Vibration Monitors & Switches
  • Dynamic Single & Two-Plane Balancing Machines
  • Production Balancing Machines
  • Vibration Transducers & Transmitters BALMAC instruments are covered by a 2-year warranty.