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Analox Ax50 CO2 Only Carbon Dioxide Alarm System

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Price: $792.00
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Item Number: A50-BC-01-X56-X-2-XX01
Manufacturer: ANALOX
Ax50 - CO2 ONLY
Carbon Dioxide Alarm System

The Ax50  are a mains powered, infra-red carbon

dioxide alarms. Built into an IP65 rated housing, they offer

both audible and visual alarm warnings to rising CO2 levels.

Where oxygen depletion is also a risk, the Ax50 

can be fitted with an additional O2 sensor. A standard

Ax50  has alarms set at 0.5% and 1.5% and is

supplied with the main sensor unit, a quick connect repeater

and 8 metres of cabling. If the O2 sensor is added, the

alarm is set at 19.5%. Different alarm set points can be requested.

1 unit should be fitted per 80m3. There should be no more than 10 metres between each unit.

Place the unit within 4m of the CO2 tank/cylinder and locate it approx 450mm from ground level.