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ACD Corporation

Advanced Calibration Designs, Inc., was founded in 1988 by a small group of like minded, dedicated individuals. Our goal was to research, develop and manufacture dependable, accurate, reliable and affordable gas calibration standards.

Advanced Calibration Designs, Inc., manufactures and distributes the most advanced hand held gas generators available to calibrate corrosive gas sensors. Our products provide a solution to the many problems corrosive gases present to existing bottling technologies commonly used in the industry today.

A few of the features that our technology provides are:

    * No degradation on the shelf
    * Corrosive gases are only generated when needed, not stored
    * Non-Hazardous to ship, store, or dispose of
    * Compact and easy to use
    * Accurate - Dependable - Repeatable

Please contact Shelby Jones immediately regarding your gas sensor calibration needs.