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NOSHOK 200 Series Voltage Output Pressure Transducer

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Price: From $469.00 to $611.50
Manufacturer: NOSHOK, Inc.

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NOSHOK 200 Series Voltage Output Pressure Transducers are designed to provide a previously unequaled level of performance, utilizing diffused semiconductor and sputtered thin film strain gauge technology. 200 Series transducers are highly repeatable, shock resistant and are extremely stable over long periods of time. CE compliance which includes substantial levels of RFI, EMI and ESD noise protection combined with reverse polarity and over-voltage protection hardens the product so it performs well in the most demanding applications.
Advanced manufacturing techniques combined with technologically advanced standard features allow NOSHOK to offer a level of performance previously found only on transducers costing hundreds of dollars more. Final calibration tests performed on all NOSHOK transmitters prior to shipment ensures 100% “out of the box” reliability.

*Other ranges, accuracies, process connections, and electrical connections are available.

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