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Martel - BetaGauge 330 Rechargeable Kit - Model BP-33

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Price: From $179.99 to $499.99
Manufacturer: MARTEL
Mfr. Part Number: BP-33

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Available as a retrofit for all existing models of the Beta 330. New instruments can be ordered with either rechargeable batteries, or eight AA batteries.

A new accessory for the BetaGauge 330 pressure calibrator is the BP-33 high capacity Nickel Metal Hydride rechargeable battery pack. It includes an 8 cell Nickel Metal Hydride (NiMH) sealed battery pack with universal recharger and worldwide mains adapters. The new accessory will work with all previously shipped BetaGauge 330s as well as with current shipments.

While the 330 offers excellent battery life performance with convenient replaceable Alkaline batteries, some users prefer the economy and reduced waste benefits of a rechargeable battery system. Since the systems are fully interchangeable, a user can readily switch back and forth. In addition, the 2.7 Ah rating and the low internal resistance of NiMH batteries means extended use of the calibrator when they are fully charged.

Some of the other features included with the BetaGauge 330 are built-in loop calibrator (input and output), large multi-variable display, 24 VDC instrument power supply, automatic pressure switch test, available gas custody meter calibration kit, 17 engineering unit display choices and external pressure module compatibility.

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