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603 pH Sensor available with 210 analyzer

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Price: From $465.00 to $637.00
Manufacturer: IC CONTROLS

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603 pH Sensor with Non Porous Junction


Traditionally pH sensors have been susceptible to fouling/ plugging at the surface of the reference junction or contamination of the reference cell. These failure modes are generally related to the porosity of the reference junction. The 603’s overcomes these limitations with a patented reference junction constructed from non-porous, ionically conductive, hard, polymeric material.

Benefits and Features
  •  pH response in seconds in most applications
  •  Significant coagulant and reagent savings 
    from no pH overshoot, resulting in better sustainable plant performance at lower cost.
  • Not affected by environments that coat and 
    plug porous junctions
  •  Not affected by ammonia, chloride or sulfide 
    ions. Solid reference stops ion flow and resulting pH drift
  •  Extremely low pH reference maintenance
  •  Reduced waste; operating life typically 3 to 5 
    times longer than conventional pH sensors
  •  Continuous water + waste applications
  •  Reduced inventory, universal mounting has 
    ¾ NPT threads for insertion, flowing stream, and submersion applications
  • Complete encapsulated design allows total 
  • Use with any make of pH meter*
  • Plant, process or laboratory use


The 603 can be applied to a very broad range of industrial pH applications. Because of its nonporous junction, it is particularly well suited to applications that tend to coat or film as well as those that “poison” the reference cell – examples are:
  • Oil/ LNG/ Petrochemical processes
    •  Desalters
    •  Sour water strippers
    • Sour waters with H2S and NH3
    • API separators
    • Stack gas scrubbers
    • Sulphur recovery units
  • Potable Water
    • Optimized coagulation
  • Industrial waste water and sewage treatment
  • Anaerobic bio-gas

pH Analyzer and Interface

The 603 sensor can be paired with a 210-P pH analyzer which provides flexibility, reliability, and ease of use. Includes a 600 pH interface with junction box and pre-amp for convenience and to ensure a reliable sensor connection. Key features and benefits are as follows:
  • Dot matrix display shows pH, temperature, 4 alarms, 2 outputs
  • Auto calibration - recognizes your buffers
  • Output hold during calibration
  •  Instant return to sample display
  •  Self- and sensor diagnostics
  •  Fault tolerant
  • User interface “remembers” last position within menu structure for ease of navigation
  • Short key sequences
  • Two assignable 4-20 mA outputs
    • Programmable: 1 for acid, 1 for caustic
    • Characterizable to fit specific curves
  •  Four programmable alarms with self- and sensor alert

pH calibration kit Includes: 

4.00 pH buffer, red, 6-pack - 6 x 500 mL
7.00 pH buffer, green, 6-pack - 6 x 500 mL
10.0 pH buffer, blue, 6-pack - 6 x 500 mL
Deionized water, 6-pack - 6 x 500 mL
Electrode wash solution - 1 x 500 mL
polyethylene beakers, set of 4 - 4 x 250 mL
squeeze bottle - 1 x 125 mL
Syringe - 1 x 10 mL
Sensor cleaning brush, ¼ inch